Bobbi Brown Releases Pretty Powerful Book!

Bobbi Brown has published a new book, Pretty Powerful with a collection of beauty stories, building confidence in all women. She has explored the personal lives of ladies, and how their beauty routines get influenced by their emotions.


It is her seventh book that discusses cosmetics and techniques; beyond make-up, she had spoken about life changing events and since she has worked with countless women, she didn’t find it tough to explain their stories in her book. With each discussion, each one has showed their heart and will influence their beauty routine.

She wanted to bring some books that are based on true motivating stories and amazing revolution from real women, athletes, and celebs. It is a new kind of make-up guide that describes who you’re than how you look. It includes her top make-up tricks and tips to help woman to look their best.

The price of her seventh book is £15.99.



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